Shikrapur MIDC Companies List

Here we give a list of Shikrapur Midc companies List. We cover most of the companies Shikrapur MIDC. If we miss any new company please comment below we defiantly add this company to the list.


Shikrapur MIDC Companies List

1. Kalyani Forge
Kalyani Forge was established in 1979 and it works in the forging industries. Kalyani Forge works in the following industries Automotive, Construction, Mining, Infrastructure, Power, Marine, Railways, Agriculture, General Industrial. Kalyani Forge offers Hot Forging, Cold and Warm Forging, Precision Machining and Finishing, Heat Treatment, Die Manufacturing, Testing and Inspection, Engineering, Logistics.

2. Foseco India
Foseco was established in 1932 and its headquarters is in Tamworth, Staffordshire. In India, Foseco is a plant in Shirur. Foseco India offers Foundry, Iron and Steel, Industrial Processes.

3. SAP Parts
SAP Parts was established in 2009 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. SAP Parts has manufacturing plants in India, the USA, and Europe. SAP Parts offers Corrosion Resistant, Higher Operational Life, Precision Lapped Seals, No Micro-fine Scratches, Wear Re-countering Design, Minimum Face Load Variation, self-renewing Sealing Surface, Special Seal & O-Ring Material.

4. Kapsons Industries
Kapsons Industries provides Enameled Copper wires and strips for the electrical industry. Kapsons Industries offers Stamping, Aluminium Die-casting, Copper wire, and electrical motors.

5. Duroshox
Duroshox was established in 1987 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Duroshox offers Shock Absorbers / Damping Solution, Suspension solutions and Assemblies, Frames, Slide Rails & Mechanisms.

6. Rohitra India
Rohitra India Private Limited (RIPL) was incorporated on the 9th of April 2018. RIPL deals in the Manufacturing and Maintenance of various types of transformers. Rohitra India has ISI, NABCB, and ICS certifications.

7. Infiiloom India
Infiiloom India was established in 1998 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Infiiloom is one of India’s largest manufacturers of socks. Infiiloom India offers Facilities & Scale, Machines & Capabilities, Product Development, Quality, Compliance.

Zen techno engineering offers sheet metal precision work facilities like CNC LASER cutting, CNC Bending, Fabrication, assembly & surface treatment. Zen Techno offers the following services Sheet Metal Components, Fabricated Assemblies, Steel brackets & clamps, CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Bending, Precision Fabrication.

9. Plastech Solutions
Plastech Solutions was established in 2006 and its headquarters is in Pune. Plastech Solutions offers Smart Factory Automation/Industry 4.0 Projects, Injection molding machines sales & service, Injection molding plastic parts & assemblies, Design & Development of molds.

MAZAK INDIA was established in 1919 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. MAZAK INDIA works in the following industries Aerospace, Automotive, Semiconductor, Die & Mold, Construction, Medical. MAZAK INDIA offers Integrex multi-tasking, 5-axis multi-tasking, CNC turning centers, vertical machining centers, Horizontal machining centers, Automation/pallet each, CNC/software, Laser.

11. Smart Card IT Solutions
Smart Card IT Solutions was established in 2010 and its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Smart Card IT Solutions is promoted by a group of young technocrats from diverse backgrounds ranging from investment banking, manufacturing, Telecom, and e-governance with a combined experience of over a hundred man-years and a decade of dedicated experience in the smart card domain itself.

12. Yash Enterprises & Equipment
Yash Enterprises & Equipment company was established in 2010 in Sanaswadi, Pune. Yash Enterprises & Equipment company is is an ISO 9000-2008 certified manufacturing organization. Yash Enterprises & Equipment company offers Material Transportation Trolleys, Material Handling Equipment, Tools & Tackles used at Assembly lines, Fabricated machined components / Fabrication, Mounting Brackets, Designing & Development Material handling facilities, Erection of fabricated structure, Industrial sheds at the site, Floor Trolleys, Heavy-duty Caster wheels, Sheet metal fabrication.

13. Span Pumps
Span Pumps was established in 1987 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Span Pumps is India’s leading manufacturer & sustainable water solutions provider. Span Pumps work in the following sectors Agriculture, Education, Health, Sanitation, Urban, and Rural. Span Pumps offers Solar Dual Pumps, Solar Pumps, Solar Ro, Joy Pumps, and Hand pumps.

14. Mutual Automotive
Mutual Automotive was established in 1979 and its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Mutual Automotive provides the industry with innovative state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions in engineered polymer-based components, systems, and related services. Mutual Automotive offers Design Engineering, Mould Design & Manufacturing, Injection Moulding, Surface Coating, Aqua Graphics, System Assemblies.

15. Enkei Wheels
Enkei Wheels is a publicly owned company and it is listed in NSE and BSE. Enkei Wheels (India) Limited is a manufacturer of Aluminum Alloy Wheels for two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers. It’s a part of Enkei Group which is a Global Leader in this segment. Enkei Wheels offers Alloy wheels for two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles.

16. Deman Robotics& Automation
Deman Robotics& Automation is a privately owned company and it is located in Pune – Nagar Road, Sanaswadi, Pune. Deman Robotics& Automation offers Robotics and robot EOATS, Power Panels, Control Panels, Fanuc ABB KUKA, etc Robots, Central Control, Interfacing, PLC Programming, Special Application Systems, Test Rigs, Quick Die Change.

17. Western India Forgings
Western India Forgings was established in 1980 and it is located in Sanaswadi, Pune. Western India Forgings Located in Sanaswadi near Pune is the group’s largest plant spread over 10 acres with over 400 employees. Western India Forgings offers Open die forging, closed die forging, ring rolling, Design, and Die development.

18. Craftsman Automation
Craftsman Automation was established in 1986 and its headquarters is in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Craftsman Automation has manufacturing plants in Pune, Coimbatore, Chennai, Indore, Jamshedpur, Faridabad, Bangalore. Craftsman Automation offers Precision Machining and Assembly, Aluminum Casting, Machine Building, Welding and Fabrication, Painting, Powdercoating, and heat treatment, Tool, and Fixture Design & Manufacturing, Product Design.

19. Denso
Denso was established in 1986 and its headquarters is in Poirino, Torino. Denso is located in Snaswadi Pune. Denso work in the following industries Industry, Agriculture, Home. Denso offers Products & Services, Mobility, Air-conditioning systems, Power-train Systems, Safety and Cockpit Systems, Automotive Service Parts and Accessories, Repair Service.

20. SMR Pliable Industries
SMR Pliable Industries was established in 2018 and is located in Pune, Maharashtra. SMR Pliable Industries is an expert in the design and development of custom rotational molding products. SMR Pliable Industries offers Rotational Molding, Injection Molding.

21. PYN Autocomp
PYN Autocomp was established in 2007 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. PYN Autocomp is a precision component machining and manufacturing company based in India. PYN Autocomp offers has extensive experience in the Automotive and Engineering components business.

22. Trinity India Forgetech
Trinity India Forgetech was established in 1974 and its headquarters is in PUNE, Maharashtra. Trinity India Forgetech works in the following industries Automotive Industry, Pump and Valve, Hydraulic Handling, Material Handling, Construction, Marine, railways, Power Generation, Industrial Goods, Trimurti chemicals, Radheya Machining, Sanden Vikas.

23. Pyrotek
Pyrotek was established in 1956 and is located in Pune, Maharashtra. Pyrotek works in the following industries Lead, Marine, Mineral Processing, Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Steel, Transportation, Zinc. Pyrotek offers Refractories, Mechanical, Electrical and Acoustic and thermal.

24. Innoventive Industries
Innoventive Industries was established in 2002 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Innoventive Industries today owns five ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facilities located around Pune, India. Employing nearly 680 people. Innoventive Industries offers Products, Tubes, Motor Vehicle Components, Membrane Strips, Oil & Gas.

25. AcuTech Solar
AcuTech Solar is a part of AcuTech Group of Companies. AcuTech Solar is located in Pune and Noida, India. AcuTech Solar is IEC Certified and MNRE Approved Channel Partner. AcuTech Solar offers PV modules, Solar street lights, Solar Power park, E-Rikshaw solar KIT, Solar thermal, Solar-powered petrol pump, and water pump.

26. Alicon Castalloy
Alicon Castalloy was established in 1990 and it is located in Shikrapur, Pune. Alicon Castalloy has expertise in high-complexity aluminum components. Alicon Castalloy works in the following industries Automotive, Non-automotive, E-mobility.

27. Comau India
Comau India was established in 1970 and it is located in Pune, India. Comau India offers Acoustic & Thermal, Aluminum, Battery, Building and Construction, Carbides, Ceramics, Foundry and Die Casting, Glass, Graphite Materials, Hearth.

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