List of HVAC Companies in Pune

Here we have given a List of HVAC Companies in Pune. Here we cover most of the HVAC Companies in Pune. If we miss any new company please comment below we defiantly add this company to the list.


List of HVAC Companies in Pune

1. Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls was headquarters is in Cork, Ireland. Johnson Controls is a publicly owned company. Johnson Controls has a global team of 100,000 experts in more than 150 countries. Johnson Controls works in the following industries Data Centers, Global Marine, and Navy, Healthcare, Industrial and Manufacturing, Transportation. Johnson Controls offers Air-cooled Chillers, Water-cooled Chillers, Condensers, and Condensing Units, Absorption Chillers, Standard Air Handling Units, Custom Air Handling Units, AMI Modular Air Handling Units, Fans and ERVs, Air Distribution, Terminal Units, Dampers, and Louvers.
Contact – 020-66067100
Website –

2. Aqua Chill Systems India
Aqua Chill Systems India was established in 1997 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Aqua Chill Systems is a privately owned company. Aqua Chill Systems works in the following industries Food & Beverages, Engineering & Automobile, Steel & Power, Paper, Textile, Healthcare, Chemical & Fertilizers, Pharmaceutical. Aqua Chill Systems offers HVAC System Annual Maintenance Contracts, HVAC System Operation & Maintenance, Vapour Absorption Machine, Authorized Dealers for Hitachi.
Contact – 91 9922503151
Website –

3. United Cooling Solutions
United Cooling Solutions, is one of the leading names in the market owing to our vast industrial experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector. United Cooling Solutions is a privately owned company and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. United Cooling Solutions works in the following industries, Pharmaceutical Industry, Engineering Industry, Food, Dairy & Beverage, Industry, Realty Sector, Chemical Industry, Textile Industry, Oil & Gas industry, FMCG Industry. United Cooling Solutions offers Industrial Air Cooler, Indirect Direct Evaporative Cooling System, VRF System, Air Conditioning System, Industrial TFA, TFA & ERV System, Ventilation Fan, VRV Piping, Air Washer, Industrial Dehumidifier, Air Handling Unit, Exhaust Fan And Hood, Inline Fan, Air Distribution and Ducting Syste, Air Cooler Pads.
Contact – 09011042556
Website –

4. Aerosys HVAC Solutions
Aerosys HVAC Solutions is a privately owned company and its headquarters is in Pune. HVAC Solutions have started our specialized services in the field of HVAC to mitigate all system performance problems. Aerosys HVAC Solutions offers HVAC Turnkey Solutions, HVAC A M C, HVAC Performance Testing, T A B, HVAC Commissioning, HVAC Audit.
Contact – 09372552266
Website –

5. Breezeair Technology
Breezeair Technology is a privately owned company and its headquarters is in Chinchwad, Maharashtra. Breezeair Technology has offices in Mumbai, Pune, and Indore. Breezeair Technology offers Evaporative Cooling Pads, Air Curtains / PVC Strip Curtains, Tubular Ventilators / Axial Flow Fans, Industrial Air Coolers, Industrial Air Washers, Air Handling Units Filters, Clean Room Air Showers, Industrial Dust Collectors / Bag Filters / Cyclone Filters.
Contact – 9822009815
Website –

6. Ans Aircon Engineers
Ans Aircon Engineers was established in 2010 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Ans Aircon Engineers is a privately owned company. Ans Aircon Engineers is the fastest growing Manufacturer, Supplier, and Service provider firm. Ans Aircon Engineers offering top quality Cooling Tower & Installation Service since 2010.
Contact – 09890812854
Website –

7. Weather Controlling Solutions
Weather Controlling Solutions was established in 2008 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Weather Controlling Solutions is a privately owned company. Weather Controlling Solutions produces a broad range of innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective HVAC systems & solutions designed to decrease the operational costs, energy consumption, and environmental impact of your industrial setup. Weather Controlling Solutions offers Air conditioning solutions, Clean Room solutions, Evaporative cooling systems, Humidity Controlling Solutions, Industrial ventilation solutions, Multipoint temperature control, Process cooling services, Referigaration projects, Turnkey Solutions.
Contact – 020-69000546/7
Website –

8. Dew Point HVAC
Dew Point HVAC was established in 2011 and its headquarters is in Pune. Dew Point HVAC is a privately owned company. Dew Point HVAC works in the following industries Technology, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Hospitality. Dew Point HVAC offers Duct cleaning, UVC sanitation system, Air conditioning system, Ventilation system.
Contact – +91 85529 55755
Website –

9. Complete MEP Solutions LLP
Complete MEP Solutions LLP was established in 2020 and its Headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Complete MEP Solutions LLP provides expert HVAC services in Pune, along with HVAC design and drafting services so as to meet the needs and requirements of our esteemed clients across the globe. Complete MEP Solutions LLP offers HVAC Contractors, MEP Contractors, Annual Maintenance Services, AC Rental Services, Ductable AC And VRF / VRV System, Plumbing Services.
Contact – 09421693575
Website –

10. Air Control India
Air Control India was established in 1982 and its headquarters is in Pune, Maharashtra. Air Control India is a privately owned company. Air Control India offers Air Conditioning System, Compressors, Condensers, Chillers, Condensing Unit, Package Unit, Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Diffusers, Refrigeration System, Refrigeration condensing unit, Unit Coolers, Ventilation System, Axial Flow Fan, Centrifugal Fan, Explosion Proof Fan, Inline Duct Fan, Deck Fittings, Mushroom Hood, Goose Necks, Louvers, Ducting, Ancillary Items, Electrical Control Panel, Pumps, Fire Dampers.
Contact – 7410090100
Website –

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