Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Pune, All Details

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Pune : The company was started in 2019 in Pune. It was a product base company, Osmose Technology was a software company and it was making social media software and e-commerce software.

Company details

Company Name – Osmose Technology Private Limited

Registered Address – Fl No A, Atulnagar Warje Highway S 79/B Nr Runwal Panorama Pune-411052 Maharashtra

Company Headquarters – Warje, Pune

Company Product – Social media Application and E-commerce Application

Company Category – Software

Company Website – http://osmosetech.com (Currently Unavailable)


Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Pune Product Detail

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd was a software company that was mainly making software products. Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd mainly building Social media applications and E-commerce applications. Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd main focus was on social media and e-commerce software.

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Pune Referral Program

Osmose Technology had started a referral program to promote their product as much as possible and this referral program started getting a lot of publicity.
This referral had two options
1. The first option – to pay Rs. 1200 and your osmose account will get Rs. 20 daily. When this amount goes above Rs.500, you can send the amount to your account and withdrawal from bank.
2. The second option – if you add Ten more people below your network by collecting 1200 amount, then Rs. 10 per day will be credited to your account. Osmose had said that if you add 100 people, you will get 6000 per month and if you add 1000 people, you will get 90,000 per month.

Why Osmose Technology became so famous because this Osmose Technology scheme came between Jan 2020 to Dec 2020. And there was a very strong lock-down during this period. People employment was gone people had no money. It was during this time that people got the opportunity to earn a living at home and people started investing in it.

Earning from Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Pune

In the early days, some people made a lot of money from this scheme. Also, some people got Rs 90,000 a month, so the scheme spread further. But since this is a chain marketing scheme, the problems started as people started growing in number. First of all, because a lot of people started withdrawing money from the bank, the bank banned them from withdrawing money from the company’s account and people stopped receiving money.

After that Osmose Technology company then said that they were tying up with a company called OSM software solution and that the company would now get everyone back and also asked people to open accounts on the new website. But by then many people had doubts about the company and people started talking about the company.

The company said that once all people’s accounts are transferred to the new website, everyone will be able to get paid as before, but to date no money has been received. The people who invested money in the early days of the scheme got good returns but those who invested later did not get the money till date.

Osmose Technology Private Limited Pune current Condition

People has not received any money from Osm Software Solutions till March 2021 and both the old website of osmotech.com and the new website of Osm Software Solutions are closed. In most of the cases, the amount was around Rs 1,200, so people has ignored it.

IMPORTANT – There are many such schemes in the market, some have high amount and some have low amount. When investing in any scheme, whether the amount is less or more, invest only after a good research and  verification. Be a responsible investor.

Frequently asked question about Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Pune

What is Osmose technology?

Osmose technology was a software company.

How do I join Osmose technology?

Currently, All joining’s are off

Where is Osmose?

Osmose address is – Fl No A, Atulnagar Warje Highway S 79/B Nr Runwal Panorama Pune-411052 Maharashtra

Is Osmose technology safe?

As per research this company is in suspicious category.

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